I recommend this retreat to anyone looking to re-set their creativity to a more healthy, spiritually aligned, clear and peaceful state. I feel clearer about th next steps in my career because of this nurturing environment.

Leif Lee

Adrian cultivates a purposeful, thoughtful atmosphere balanced with plenty of time and space to do your own thing. The food was delicious and nurturing, and I felt supported in the mediation practice.

Amy White


Adrian is a natural nurturer, and in her Isoropia retreats this is expressed in the perfect form. My experience was one of down-to-earth luxury and liberating structure, all in perfect balance. The food was beyond my expectations. Adrian was very considerate and accommodating to my unique diet, but without making me feel like I was eating anything less than the best. The amount of energy and care that was put into the food was truly palpable. Not only was it delicious, but it felt like medicine, therapeutic even, pampering not in a decadent way but in a fresh, healthy, “real” way. The structure of the time was also very thoughtful and intentional. I had ample free time to explore myself and my ideas as I needed to, but there was also the encouragement to partake in a structured routine which helped to make my free time much more productive. I believe this is due in large part to the thoughtful schedule of guided meditations and general sense of mindfulness imbued throughout the structure of the retreat/residency. Overall, this was quite a clarifying time for me where I did not have to worry about anything but the ideas and intentions I had set for the retreat thanks to Adrian’s ever-thoughtful care.

This retreat/artist residency focuses on balance in all things; a balance in creative work and self-care, in healthy eating and decadence, in structure and free time, in focused meditation and self-exploration. This is manifested through perfectly catered meals and snacks, beautiful settings, thoughtful hospitality, guided activities (yoga, meditation, etc.), and time set aside for you to simply focus on you and your creative projects. There is also a nice balance of supportive and positive community, sharing this time and space together without being focused on socializing at the cost of the self-work that you have come to do.

Jenny Erlys