Rejuvenate Your Creativity Within


October 12-17, 2017


Spend five nights and four full days in the tranquility and quiet of Cortes Island in British Columbia. Here you can effortlessly relax into your true creative state and access the vast and inherent potential you already hold. Designed as an artist’s residency with a focus on self-care and self-reflection, this retreat reveals the serenity of nature as a gateway to the abundance that lives within. Through our yoga and meditation practices we will be nourishing and cultivating an inner peace and awareness while setting intentions to keep balanced and focused. Our daily practices will reveal a calm space for concentration while igniting the sparks of creation.


Over the course of the week you will be gently assisted with unpeeling some of the layers that attribute to stress and creative blocks. This retreat will support you to rejuvenate your mind and body while cultivating the source within to bring your creativity to life. Our days will be anchored in five main nurturing practices: meditation, yoga, the observance of mindfulness, private reflection/work time and community conversation and connection. You will have three healthy, delicious meals catered for you each day.


Please come prepared with a project you’ve like to further develop, or ideas for the next creative endeavor. Your intentions will guide your process. The gift of time and space in a nurturing environment can be truly transformative. Leave the retreat feeling balanced, refreshed, and re-connected to your art practice.