Adrian Eberstein is the founder of Isoropia Retreats. She is the retreat organizer, meditation guide and queen of catering. Adrian is an artist delighted by the wonder of life and dedicated to the practices and pursuit of wellbeing. She further developed her art practice at the Oregon College of Art and Craft where she completed her BFA in fiber arts in 2011. She has also been finding awe, strength, and joy in the practice and study of yoga for over a decade, and completed a yoga teacher training with Centered Yoga in Thailand in 2012. Adrian has found solace and spaciousness in her meditation practice which has been refined by numerous teachers as well as her time spent at the Tam Wua Buddhist Monastery in Thailand. Isoropia Retreats, an integrated retreat and artist-residency program, synthesizes her passions for art and mindfulness and allows her to share the beneficial union of these practices in beautiful natural settings.